Alien Life on Enceladus

Could there be life in the Solar System other than Earth? According to NASA, there might be life in one of the oceans in the Solar System. I’m pretty sure that this question make you wonder which ocean is that? The answer is ocean in ENCELADUS.
PIA17202 - Approaching Enceladus.jpg
Enceladus from Wikipedia

Before I proceed on why there is potential life on Enceladus, let me introduce what is Enceladus first. Enceladus is the sixth largest moon of Saturn (about a tenth of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon).

In 2008, Cassini has discovered that Enceladus has a global subsurface saltwater ocean and now, molecular hydrogen which is one of the crucial things of life, has been found in the plumes of liquid shooting out from its surface. The presence of hydrogen is essential for microbes because they can use this gas to obtain energy by combining it with dissolved carbon dioxide (this process known as methanogenesis).

Enceladus Layers by WIRED

6 thoughts on “Alien Life on Enceladus

  1. I wrote a blog entry on the same topic! It’s exciting to think about the possibility of life on another planet, even if microbes aren’t the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about aliens! Liquid water exists on Enceladus. A source of energy exists on Enceladus. A source of nutrients exists on Enceladus. These are all conditions of life! However, time for life to develop is also a key factor! So even if life doesn’t exist now, it seems likely life could develop eventually.


    1. yup, that’s true. If we are thinking about alien, we will think about some weird creatures with different physical appearances compared to us. Perhaps in the future, we might see life out there and we can communicate with them.


  2. That’s awesome to think that there could be other forms of life so close to us. Of course, nothing intelligent, but it would be invaluable to be able to study such a young species as they develop, if we do find life on Enceladus or elsewhere.


  3. I think it’s interesting how whenever I think of life on other planets, I immediately assume some kind of life like us humans. But I forget that microbes are life themselves!


    1. Yup, microbes is mostly made up of lesser number of cells compared to human. From the science perspective, the most basic life of an organism is unicellular organism and some of the microbes are one of them.


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